The California Architectural Foundation (CAF) and the jurors for the 2013 Owings Award for Environmental Excellence are pleased to recognize three meritorious projects.  The University of California, Merced, Phase 1; the Burbank Water and Power EcoCampus and 355 11th Street, San Francisco are projects that represent very different scales with distinctly different lessons that celebrate the stewardship and legacy of Nat Owings.

UC Merced, Phase 1

Burbank Water and Power EcoCampus

355 11th Street, San Francisco

The jury commented on the strong contextual accommodation of each of these projects as well as their important community focus and resulting ability to function as a center of activity. Regrettably, the jury felt that there was not a single project that addressed all of the award’s criteria while presenting a ‘unified idea of timeless greatness.’ Since the purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the reconciliation of nature and the built environment, the jury chose not to present the award this year. Consideration for the Owings Award is currently restricted to projects built either in California or outside of the state by California professionals. Submitted projects needed to be of a scale large enough to impact the community.
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